Elf for Health

I am so excited (and I just can’t hide it)!!!!!!!!!!

This program is hosted by Lindsay of The Lean Green Bean and Elle from Nutritionella. I haven’t been this pumped about a challenge in a long time. I think this is just what I need to get me through the holiday season. The idea is that you are partnered with another elf to encourage throughout the two week section. Every two weeks you have a new elf. If you have instagram, you can follow a lot of people via #elfforhealth.
Each day there is a new challenge. Example: Today is Meatless Monday. I took photos of everything I ate today. It was deliciousness.
(I was going to give up caffeine, but today was not that day.)
(breakfast sandwich with light bread, one egg and one laughing cow light cheese wedge)
(my version of Jenna [from Eat Live Run]’s favorite “lunch” salad)
(apple slices with natural peanut butter and agave nectar — and apparently that is enough for five apples)
(dinner of green beans and veggie burger before Messiah rehearsal)
(cake and ice cream within pointsplus values…it looks bigger than the serving actually was)
Also, I exercised this morning.
You were shocked, too? I know. I still am.
What are you doing to keep active and healthy during this holiday season?

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