Blog Buddy Appreciation Day

If you have a blog, I wish you a Happy Blog Buddy Appreciation Day! If you don’t, I wish you a happy Wednesday! I feel like I have a lot more friends than I do because of blogging. I’m sure I would feel even closer to these women if I used twitter, but I feel like I’m on my computer/phone enough (my husband would agree). I’m sure I will cave one of these days.

You should subscribe to all of the blogs to my left. True Story! I can”t pick just one or two blogs to feature, but here are a few entries that I think are worthy of mentioning today.

I could write something about every blog I read, but this would be pages and pages long. I feel like I know a lot of people, but I just read their thoughts and I think some of them read mine. So, there you go.

Happy Blog Buddy Day to you!

4 thoughts on “Blog Buddy Appreciation Day

  1. This was so cool how you picked out posts from your blog buddies! HILARIOUS! I am so glad to have you as a blog buddy:) Thanks for being a wonderful friend and a person whose blog I look forward to reading!!!

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