Random Realizations

Random Realizations that do not matter too much on their own…

  1. Two friends had babies this week. I went to see one at the hospital and the momma looked like everything was all good in the hood. Normally the momma looks a little tired and sore from…well, you know. I was impressed how put together one can look in a hospital gown.
  2. Motivation is lacking in the fitness department post 5k. I have looked at those photos every day for the past week and feel so great about myself, but I need to get my booty in gear because there are many more pounds that really could stand not being anywhere near my body. I’m getting bored in my routine, but I’m not a cold-weather-outside runner and a gym membership really isn’t happening in our current budget situation. I have plenty of options at home (including ExerciseTV on demand, a treadmill and elliptical – thank you, Craigslist), but not one of them is grabbing my full attention. I thought watching the Biggest Loser this week would help me, but not so much. And I ate some cookies! I’m pretty frustrated with myself!
  3. Speaking of weight loss and striving to be healthy, did you hear about this article? Ticked me off on so many levels! I can’t even articulate the words (and by the way, I enjoy watching the show that started this whole drama AND I would like the show even if I wasn’t overweight, but that is neither here nor there).I know someone (aka – I read her blog therefore I want to be her friend) that wrote a letter to the editor. Thank you!
  4. I’m going on vacation soon. Super excited to spend time in Mexico with my husband for the second November in a row!
  5. We are going to a Haunted House this weekend. A friend gave us free tickets which excites me a ton, but I hope my husband is prepared for the puddle of freakedoutness I become in those situations. I’m sure I will scream…A LOT.
  6. My brother-in-law (stepsister’s husband) is having open heart surgery next week. It will most likely be a valve replacement. He is 39. SCARY! Please pray for him!
  7. Husband is going to Dallas for job training for an additional insurance company right after we return from vacation. I am pretty excited that we found free lodging for him. It’s good to know friends of friends (he’s staying with my stepsister’s best friend).
  8. My cell phone is starting to fall apart. I hope it makes it until my free upgrade in January.
  9. Christmas knitting season is upon us. I realize that I should have started awhile ago, but I was in an anti-craft daze after the last baby blanket so I needed a break. Hopefully, my current projects will be A) quick and B) simple! My major goal is to use yarn that I already have = scraps of this and that, but hopefully it will still look fantastic. I’m not allowed to buy any more yarn. My husband would freak out if he saw my friend‘s stash (I’m sure).
  10. I never recapped our wedding on my blog. Our first anniversary is in 10 days so I guess I should get on that. I’ve spread many a wedding photo around this place, but tomorrow I will get down to work. If you were there, I suggest not reading my blog for awhile. This is last year’s news for you!

One thought on “Random Realizations

  1. I also had a similar reaction to that article! I’m glad you were also outraged. It just made me sick.

    Also- congrats to your friends on their babies!!! I can’t wait til people I know well have babies!!! (Like, know was in, it’s appropriate to hold their babies without them being like, WTF, lol!)

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